Phoenix company to fire up rising theatre talent

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A Manchester production company named after the Japanese word for “phoenix” wants people who have felt excluded from the arts to rise up, find their voice and FLY!

Founded by Manchester writer, director and producer Hadesa Sonné,  Fennikusu will be staging theatre shows, dance and drama workshops and organising collaborating writing projects for people of all ages and backgrounds.

And with research showing that close on half of Britain’s top actors went to leading fee paying schools they are determined to break the old boy’s network and enable new talent to emerge.

Given that they have already covered topics such as interracial age-gap relationships and racism, and have plans to cover eating disorders and the stigma around mental illness in forthcoming shows, founder Hadesa is confident that Fennikusu will break new ground and leave audiences entertained – and challenged.

Said Hadesa: “The world of theatre has become far too comfortable and attempts at representing BAME backgrounds and women in particular, have been at best tokenistic. Having a Northern accent is still seen as a disadvantage by everyone from drama teachers to casting directors. It is time we broke that mould – or else where will the Maxine Peake’s or Albert Finney’s of tomorrow come from?”

Hadesa formed Fennikusu following the success of her first play “Stolen Moments” which premiered to appreciative audiences last year. She has since worked on outdoor Shakespearian productions and won critical acclaim for orchestrating physical theatre in particular. Hadesa has gathered around her a team of experienced Manchester writers, directors and actors determined to share their knowledge with emerging talent. Their first projects will include “Skin Deep” a play examining female self-image and a showcase night named “Stigma”, where drama, spoken word, musical and comedy acts will attempt to burst myths around mental illness.

Anyone interested in collaborating in future projects or helping to fund Fennikusu should get in touch via the Contact page.

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