Black women left with “fat chance” of success while prejudice exists

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A Manchester campaigner has been left “physically sickened” by the fat-headed responses to an image of a naked black woman – designed to promote a major fashion company.


Hadesa Sonné who heads-up the Fennikusu theatre company, was left feeling repulsed by comments posted by trolls following the online publication of the picture of a plus-size nude female – celebrating the human body on the Missguided Facebook page


Ranging from remarks about how the image promotes obesity to downright degrading smears about so-called “fat” people, Hadesa believes these toxic views are dangerous promoters of eating disorders and typical of a new form of “fat fascism” – particularly aimed at black women.


“Some of the comments following the publication of the picture were quite frankly disgusting” said Sonné, “a black woman has plucked-up the bravery to bare all in a bid to say that it’s okay to be plus-sized and yet her stance is greeted by derision and discrimination.  Let me just drop a truth bomb on some of the people who aspire to be like the supermodels they see in the media: they’re bodies are just as unhealthy and starving yourself to get there is even more unhealthy. I don’t know who decided that is okay to tear down big women (and people) for feeling okay in their bodies but it has to stop. Trust me we go through enough without it abuse from people in the street abuse from people online.”


As recently as January, leading medics called for obesity to be classed as a disease – rather than a life-choice.  That view was echoed by Hadesa who suffers from an eating disorder which has both the characteristics of binge eating and anorexia.


She claims that bigger people are mocked for trying to match a media image of thinness and address difficult relationships with food that sometimes lead to life-threatening mental illnesses such as depression.


That derision she believes is especially acute when aimed at women with black skin and, “is just another form of prejudice designed to keep females of colour from believing they have worth and can make a contribution.”


Actor, director, producer and writer Hadesa has penned a play called, “Skin Deep” which addresses some of the issues around “fattism”. Featuring a woman tormented by a real-life eating disorder, this will premiere in Manchester later this year.


Concluded Hadesa: “If a model can go through all that and more and still hold her head up high she should be praised not mocked. Yes she is overweight but does that mean she has to hate herself for it? To not put herself forward in life? To get depressed and kill herself? Is that okay? Because this kind of thing happens everywhere and I’m sick of it.”

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