Why Stig-mattered!

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Fennikusu’s fledgling show received glowing reviews and helped raise awareness of mental health issues.

Called “Stigma” the Mind charity fundraiser featured spoken word, song, drama and stand-up comedy.

Pete Gibson playing John the toilet cleaner in Stigma

Whilst entertaining and full of laughter, its serious point was that everything from obsessive compulsive disorder to depression and even suicidal tendencies can be overcome with understanding and enlightenment

And that was something our reviewers picked-up on and celebrated. So if you would like to read more, go to : https://number9reviews.blogspot.com/2018/09/review-stigma-kings-arms-salford.html

Fennikusu is a brand new arts production company asking people to rise up and get their voices heard.

As our founder Hadesa Sonné commented: “The ethos of Fennikusu is “If you’re not invited to the party, hold one yourself.” So come join us and let’s get heard.”