Gifting them the chance

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Pete Gibson and Tasharelle Jones-Hoyes

Two of our leading lights Tasharelle Jones-Hoyes and Pete Gibson have founded a brand new production company – Young, Gifted and Black (YGB).

YGB aims to create opportunities to forge unity through creativity and inspire confidence (particularly from artists of colour) and raise their profile through theatre events and film.

And it all sprung out of meeting at Fennikusu’s “Stigma” mental health showcase when our duo discovered that putting new faces and voices onto the stage really could be achieved.

Though our aims are similar and we will be supporting and encouraging our guys in their venture and taking part in their showcase later in the year, our two companies are separate. Or, as Pete Gibson puts it, “the closest of sisters!”

Said Pete: “We cannot thank Hadesa and Fennikusu enough for bringing us together and inspiring in us the drive to make our company happen. New voices will never reach audiences and break-through unless we support each other and Fennikusu will be like our big sister guiding us through what is a really exciting time for both companies.”

Follow YGB on Twitter @YoungGiftedand2
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