Past Productions

Stolen Moments

21st -22nd April 2017

Written by our founder Stolen Moments is a story of love, passion and betrayal: Zara is a young twenty something that comes from a broken and hectic home. Steve is forty and trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage. Two worlds which should never have collided become linked when the two meet online and decide to have an affair to escape their own reality but soon find sex isn’t as black and white as they’d hoped. As reality starts to creep into the safety of the “Stolen Moments “ both Steve and Zara realise they can’t outrun their lives forever


  • Jessica Bainbridge :- Director
  • Hadesa Zakiya Sonné:- Zara (also writer and producer)
  • Pete Gibson:- Steve
  • Sarah Wilkinson:- Anna
  • Vincent Stable:- Dave

Praise for Stolen Moments

Here’s what our audience had to say about the production:

“A powerfully brave and laid bare production showing love, passion and betrayal”- Nicole Pinkney

“Can’t wait to see what she writes next!”- Sean Mason

“Captivating play.”- Ciaran O’Riely

“Breaking down lots of barriers in this play: sex, love, equality, racism, sexism, you covered it all” -Yasmin Tryon


7th -9th September 2018

Held at the King’s Arms theatre, Salford, Stigma is Fennikusu ‘s first talent and clarity showcase. Bringing together artists from all aspects of theatre with a common cause. Using spoken word, physical theatre, music and much more to portray a realistic representation of an issue that affects not only people on the performance industry but all over: Mental Health and the stigma attached to it. .

A percentage of ticket sales was donated to the charity Mind to aid their hard work in the fight against the stigma surrounding mental health

Five-star reviews! 

Coming Soon


Adapted from a work by celebrated spoken word artist Rosie Staniford, this physical theatre piece examines sexual assault and chimes closely with the recent #MeToo campaign. A work like no other, even its setting will be challenging and different. This is an all-woman production scheduled for the early summer.

Skin Deep

Another written by our founder, Skin Deep is based on true events and explores the story of Ava, your typical 22 year old: bright, sarcastic, independent and loves a laugh with her mates. But behind the closed doors of her flat Ava is controlled by S.E.A.N who is both seductive and destructive and completely in her head. What starts off as small nit picking ends up with Ava completely isolating herself from the outside world because of her ever building insecurities putting her life in danger. Can she ever shake off S.E.A.N’s hold or with it completely take over her life?